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Home gardening is a great way for adding some colours to even the dullest spots in your property. Not to mention, gardening allows you to take a break from your routine and unwind in this fast-paced life. JagahOnline cares for its readers and their property-related needs. We’ve shared DIY kitchen renovation ideas in one of your previous posts. In this post, we’ll share some tips for home gardening. 

Let’s take a look!

Guide to Home Gardening – Some Essential Tips 

  • Setting up outdoor furniture
  • Adding accessories
  • Achieve curb appeal 
  • Try different gardening ideas

Setting Up Outdoor Furniture 

String lights or fairy lights can reduce the gloominess that comes along with the sunset.

Plants are, hands-down, the most important elements in your home gardens. Besides focusing on greenery and colours, if you’re setting up a home garden, you obviously want to spend time there to escape your routine. 

It doesn’t matter if your garden design opportunities are limited due to small space, you can add so much to make a comfortable seating space for yourself and your family members. Begin from adding a bistro table set and maybe even throw a rocking chair with it, if the space allows. On a side note, if your gardening yard has ample space, then you can even go for an alfresco-style dining set, where you can host a brunch or hi-tea.

Adding Accessories

With the addition of a bicycle, you can bring a vintage look to your garden.

Home gardens are created for mainly three reasons: food, beauty, and quality living. Adding accessories to your home garden can serve all three purposes. Here are a few ideas that you can consider: 

String lights: Adding some string lights or fairy lights can reduce the gloominess that comes along with the sunset. It also brings an element of brightness into your garden during evening.

Bicycle:  You can paint one of your old bicycles and put it in a corner of your garden to bring a vintage look to your garden. To make it look more appealing you can add a flower basket as well.

Barbecue grills: It feels nice to leave your kitchen and have a small barbecue party every once in a while. Adding a barbecue stand or some sort of grills can do wonders to your gardening space. Not to mention, it will also give you an excuse to breakout the routine and do something new.  

Try Different Gardening Ideas

You can add so much to make a comfortable seating space for yourself and your family members.

If  you are designing your very first garden or renovating the existing one, you’d be surprised to know how instantly and diversely you can make it appear better. Besides improving air quality and providing a healthy space to unwind, gardens are great for enhancing the market value of your property. 

Front Yard Gardening Ideas: If you’re trying to make your front yard look appealing, try adding some garden lamp posts to give it a cheerful and inviting look. You can also opt for some hanging plants near your front door.

Kitchen Gardening Ideas: Not everyone is blessed with front or back yard space to set up a garden, so a kitchen garden can help you bring some greenery. Vegetable gardening is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is a perfect and pocket-friendly way to improve your health.

There are a number of vegetables and herbs you can grow in your cozy kitchen or balcony garden and reap the benefits, such as peas, parsley, basil, etc. 

Rooftop Gardening Ideas: You can add a wall trellis and decorate your blank wall with intricate flowers and vines. Rooftop garden is ideal for people who live in an apartment building

How to Take Best Care of Your Garden? 

It’s quite heartbreaking to see when your hard work doesn’t pay off. You have worked so hard to plant and decorate your garden, but what to do if the plants don’t grow properly, and makes the garden look like a cluttered mess. 

Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of some of the most effective tips and tricks, so that your blood and sweat don’t go down the drain.

  • Provide shade
  • Water carefully
  • Keep the fungus away
  • Get evergreen plants
  • Patience
  • Stay organised

Provide Shade

Too much sunlight would probably kill your plants.

Sunlight is essential for the survival of plants, but too much of it could probably kill them. Make sure that your plants get the accurate amount of sunlight, don’t place them directly under the rays of the sun. A shade cloth or an overhang might do the work. 

Note: Keep checking your plants for signs of withering, if they show any, then move them temporarily.

Water Carefully

Plants should be watered carefully, with more water, there is a higher chance of the plants getting waterlogged.

Similar to sunlight, plants should be watered carefully, especially if they are placed in a container. If there is a bed, then the salt will rise with the water, and hurt the plants. If plants are placed in a container, then they’ll get waterlogged, and won’t be able to breathe. 

With this being said, make sure that there is enough water for the plants to survive and flourish.

Keep the Fungus Away

Many times you won’t be able to see the fungus that is attacking your plants, until it is too late.

Brew some chamomile tea, and spray it onto your plants two to three times a week. This helps keep the fungus away from your plants, especially the seedlings, as the tea contains pathogens to ward off fungus.

Get Evergreen Plants

As the weather changes, your hard work starts to wilt and wither. Some plants flourish in spring, some in summer. To get a luscious green garden all year round, consider putting up the plants that can survive the cold winters and the harsh sunlight of the summers.

Stay Organised

Untrimmed grass can overshadow the beautiful garden you have worked so hard at.

What is the point of building a beautiful garden if it’s crowded with gardening tools in a corner, or if your grass is overgrown and the plants haven’t been trimmed?

You can build a small tool shed, to store all of your tools until you need them again. If the space isn’t enough, you can hang the tools on either your fences or the walls.

Regularly trim the grass and the bushes, so that they don’t overgrow and shadow your vibrant garden.

Be Patient 

Patience and hardwork are keys to thriving gardens since gardening is a slow and tedious process. Any plant doesn’t grow in a single day, it takes time, labour, and patience. 

Along with your patience it also needs attention. Don’t forget to take great care of them like a baby.

These are some of the garden ideas you can try to make your garden picture perfect! Do give some of the tips and tricks a try and let us know at blog@jagahonline.com

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