Apni Gari Ya Apni Jagah

Make the smart choice A Toyota or a Property? Following the trend from previous months, Indus Motor Company (IMC)’s production has come to another halt this month. The automotive manufacturing giant has decided to stop production for the rest of September due to a fall in demand. At the same time, the falling prices in real estate market present an opportunity for investors and buyers. With automotive prices slipping out of reach, real estate and cars are going toe to toe. Why invest in a car and tolerate devaluation when you can invest in real estate and earn profits? 3,000,000 - 3,500,000 on top, Corolla Grande, Al Ghafoor Grande Tower The Toyota Altis Grande is selling for PKR 3,499,000. For the same price or even less you can book a 3-bedroom apartment in Al Ghafoor Grande Tower, Gulshan-e-Maymar. The property offers a pollution-free environment away from the chaos of urban life. 6,000,000 – 6,500,000 on top, Revo, Bahria Town Apartments For the price of Toyota Revo at PKR 6,249,000, you can purchase a 2-bedroom apartment in Bahria Apartments. A safe and secure master-planned community offering state-of-the-art facilities by the Bahria Town group. 8,500,000-9,000,000 on top, Fortuner, Palm Dreams Bookings for 1,000 yards plots in Palm Dreams, Karachi Golf City are starting from PKR 90 lacs, just a little above the price of Toyota Fortuner 4x4 at PKR 8,649,000.

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