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Plot For Rent in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the second largest metropolitan in Sindh and boasts some of the country’s most historic sights such as Rani Bagh – a 160-year-old garden. Being just 140 km away from the City of Lights, the city is growing at a relatively fast pace in terms of real estate. Since it is the sister city of Karachi, you are sure to find unbelievable resemblance between their infrastructure, roads, properties, and market trends.

The cities might appear similar from real estate and infrastructure point of view, but there are a few differences. Let’s say that the prices for a rental plot in Hyderabad are not the same as Karachi. In short, the city boasts affordable options as compared to its sister city.

There are many options in Hyderabad’s real estate for renting such as apartments, houses, and offices, etc. Most people prefer renting plots in Hyderabad for several reasons, but affordability remains the highlighted one. 

Real Estate in Hyderabad

The peace, affordability, and surroundings make Hyderabad a popular choice for living and renting. There are a variety of plots for rent in Hyderabad from commercial and industrial to residential and agricultural. They are available in multiple area sizes which is discussed in the latter part.

Types of Plots for Rent in Hyderabad - Locations & Price Trends

Buying a property might seem like a lucrative investment, but renting is rather convenient and with comparatively less liability. A tenant is not responsible for property tax, meanwhile the maintenance and upkeep is also shared between both parties. It might not be the same case everywhere.

Renting a plot in Hyderabad is a popular choice among real estate investors. However, if you want to rent a plot in Hyderabad, you need to watch out for a lot of things such as area size, price trends, availability, neighbourhood, etc. Qasimabad offers many plots for rent in Hyderabad, you can check more about it on our website.

Price Trends for Plot Rent in Hyderabad

To help you further understand, we have listed down the price trends for plot rent in Hyderabad.

  • To rent a plot of 100 sq. yd in the city, your budget should stay within PKR 1.2 lakh to PKR 1.3 lakh on an average.

  • For a plot on rent in Hyderabad of 120 sq. yd, the price is starting from PKR 1.3 lakh to PKR 1.6 lakh.
  • The average rental price of a 400 sq. yd plot in Hyderabad can be between  PKR 80 thousand to PKR 4 lakh.

Educational Institutions in the City

Education is the most powerful weapon to help change the way the world is. Therefore, looking to buy or rent properties near famous schools, colleges, and universities is the best way to go.

Luckily, the city offers some of the best schools with quality education that focus on enhancing both the learning abilities and motor skills of students.

Some of these incredible institutions include Public School Hyderabad is the top-of-the-line institution, meanwhile, Sindh Grammar School, Sindh Academy High School, Isra Foundation Schools, St. Bonaventure’s High School, ABACUS International School, Allied School Hyderabad Campus, and The Smart School.

But that is not all, if you are a graduating student you can enroll in the best of the best colleges in Hyderabad, such as Isra University, Hyderabad Institute of Arts Science and Technology, Virtual University Campus Hyderabad, University of East, Government College University, and SZABIST.

More options for you include the GC University Hyderabad, Indus College of Law, Alpha Institute of Academic Success, College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, etc.

Hospitals & Clinics in the City

After qualified educational departments, the city is offering some of the best hospitals to serve people with medical treatments for their ailments. Whenever you are renting in a different place, we suggest finding a location nearby a hospital.

Some of the popular hospitals in the city are The Aga Khan Maternal & Child Care Centre, Liaquat University Hospital, St Elizabeth Hospital, MaaJee Hospital, Jeejal Maa Hospital, Red Crescent General Hospital/Hilal-e-Ahmer, and NICVD Hyderabad, etc.

To further solve your problem, a few more options are available in Hyderabad. When it comes to health it’s always a good idea to have plenty of choices in case some are unavailable you still have other options like Osmania General Hospital, Al Hafeez Fertility & Medical Center, MSU CDF Hospital, City Care Hospital, Mehmood Clinic, and Asian Institute of Medical Science.

All healthcare services and treatments are taken care of under the supervision of professional medical physicians.

Recreational Facilities in Hyderabad

When people look for a plot for rent in Hyderabad, they also seek recreational facilities such as parks, gyms, malls, museums, and cinemas. When it comes to such things, Hyderabad doesn’t fall short in options. You can find plenty of recreational spots in the city and some of them are completely free to visit. The more you will explore Hyderabad, the more you will fall in love with this aesthetically pleasing city. You can start your adventure by visiting Pakka Qila, then go for Rani Bagh, Asia-Shahi Bazar, Tomb of Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, Institute of Sindhology Museum, and refresh your perspective with the captivating historical view.

We will also recommend some family-friendly activities to help you make the best of your memories. Askari Public Park, Fun Factory, Pavilion, Hyderabad Gymkhana, Badminton Courts, Kids World, Super Space, Knowledge Forth Centre, etc are some of the spots awaiting your visit!

Shopping in Hyderabad

Shopping is a fun journey everyone likes to hop on. Hyderabad is known for its traditional bangles, but it isn’t all about it. You can find traditional bazaars selling affordable jewellery, clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. If you’re a shopaholic then you should definitely make a run for it.

A list of the economical options available in the city to shop at includes Metro Shopping Mall, Boulevard Mall Hyderabad, The Lucky Mall, Shelter Shopping Mall, Dubai Shopping Centre, Mehran Shopping Centre, Mahesar Shopping Mall, Sunview Shopping Mall, and Al-Raheem Shopping Centre, etc.

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