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Buying a House in Karachi

Karachi – the commercial engine of Pakistan – is the capital city of Sindh where almost every economic activity takes place. Not to mention, the country’s most important seaports including Karachi Port and Port Qasim are situated in this city as well.

Geographical Importance

Karachi boasts a crucial location due to its position near the coastline of Arabian Sea. It is home to the main seaport and airport of Pakistan where almost every commercial activity from abroad takes place. In short, Karachi is to Pakistan what Dubai is to the UAE.

Since the city is so huge, it is further divided into six main districts for easy management and administration. Some mention in this regard are Malir district, Korangi district, Central Karachi, East Karachi, West Karachi, and South Karachi.

Cultural Diversity

Although a city of Sindh, Karachi is like a mini Pakistan where you can find people belonging to all religions, ethnicities, cultures, and languages.

Quick fact: the city is home to a huge number of non-Muslim population than any other city or village in Pakistan.

Residential Property Value

Property value in Karachi fluctuates depending on the neighbourhoods and due to various facts. Whether you are planning to buy a penthouse, studio apartment, or a villa for living – you are sure to find fluctuation in pricing and amenities.

Real estate market of the city is highly resourceful, covering many easy options for property investors and homebuyers than any other city or town in the country.

Most homebuyers in Karachi prefer apartment lifestyle since they are economical and comparatively easy to maintain.

It doesn't mean that residents don’t desire to live in large houses. For such needs, the city’s real estate marketers have a vivid spectrum of properties for sale.

As a homebuyer or property investor in Karachi, you need to be extremely aware of the fluctuations in pricing.

Types of Houses for Sale in Karachi

The population of Karachi has been ever-increasing and to provide accommodation for everyone a smart plan and scheme is needed. Therefore, a number of several gated residential communities, with their housing schemes have managed to provide homes for everyone living in this city.

These gated communities have created convenient installment plans and made them manageable for settlers.

Both families and young professionals travel to settle in this city, therefore it is important to know more details about the areas with houses available for sale.

Popular Areas for Buying a House in Karachi

Posh societies like Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Clifton, Bahria Town, PECHS, and ZamZama, etc are costly, but luxurious neighbourhoods.

On the other hand, areas like Gulistan-e-Johar, Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, and Maskan Chowrangi are comparatively much more affordable for living and buying a house.

In order to meet the increasing needs of housing, Karachi is expanding. As such, you will find areas such as Bahria Town, DHA City, Saadi-Town, Gulshan-e-Maymar, and Gadap town, etc, located near the outskirts of the city. Since they are partially developed schemes, they are comparatively affordable.

Sale Price Trends for a House in Karachi

Usually the size for houses in Karachi varies from 120 square feet to 500 square feet and even 1000 square feet is available.

Above-mentioned sizes are the standard sizes for houses and other residential properties in Karachi. Further options are available, but a vast majority of homebuyers and investors opt for these sizes.

Recently constructed housing schemes have modern architecture. However, it doesn’t stop you from customising the place as per your needs.

Most people in the city build two or three floor plans. Generally, one floor is for personal living while the other is for renting purposes.

Prices for houses can vary for several reasons, such as locality, interior and exterior design, utility facilities, etc.

Easy installments and cash payment are both available for payment procedure. You can buy property or a house either for investment purposes or for residential.

Buying a 120 sq. yd house for sale in Karachi starts from PKR 500,000 and it can go as high as PKR 3,500,000.

On the other hand, a 250 sq. yd house in Karachi can range from PKR 120,000 to PKR 92,500,000 .

Please bear in mind, these costs are prone to fluctuations based on your luxurious amenities or other factors.

Schools in Karachi

Schools are a top priority for kids in every family and when moving to a new neighbourhood, everyone wants to make sure they can have access to the best schooling system in the city.

Just like that, Karachi has some of the best schooling systems in the entire country.

Some mentions in this regard are Karachi Grammar School, Pak-Turk International School, Foundation Public School, The American School Karachi, Mama Parsi, etc.

Likewise, the city boasts some excellent options for higher education including both colleges and universities.

To name a few, Dow University, NED University, Indus Valley School of Arts, Karachi University, Aga Khan University, and more.

These are some of the names that have produced successful graduates who are now business owners and politicians.

Hospitals in Karachi

Healthcare is the basic necessity for every individual. Popery buyers often look for medical facilities near their house. In a way, it is one of the most important parts of market research while looking for a house for sale in Karachi.

There are many good well-reputed hospitals in Karachi providing top-notch medical consultancy and emergency facilities. You can find both public and private hospitals.

Recreational Facilities in Karachi

Karachi is known as the city of lights for a reason. A city that never sleeps, it is home to some of the best recreational facilities in Pakistan whether it is about malls, parks, architecture, beaches, amusement parks, historical ruins, or water parks –  the city has something for everyone.

It is so full of life and joy that anyone visiting the city gets lost in its beauty and pictures themselves living in the moment forever. Owing to its beauty and tourist attractions, the city also attracts a great crowd of visitors, annually.

There are lovely hotels, beautiful restaurants, luxurious beaches, elegant shopping malls, lush and green parks, amusement parks, water parks, huge farm houses, and treasure of architecture.

Beaches in Karachi

The beaches in the city are lavish, extravagant and splendid. The most famous, clean and steeped sandy beaches of Karachi are Sandspit, Turtle Beach, French Beach, Manora Beach, Paradise Point, Aqua Beach, etc.

For spending family time on holidays, these beaches are perfect spots. Take a stroll, play some games, explore the coastline, and do much more.

One can go for scuba diving and paragliding activities as well at Charna Island.

Shopping Malls in Karachi

The city has so many spots for shopping places, from high-end budget purchasing to reasonable items.

Ocean Mall, Millennium Mall, LuckyOne, Forum Shopping Mall, Gulf Shopping Center, and Dolmen Mall Clifton are places you can visit for shopping. Some of these malls have cinemas and indoor amusement parks as well.

Restaurants in Karachi

Karachi’s most favorite dish is Biryani, which is famous even across the nation. A number of good restaurants with excellent service and food quality provides both traditional and continental dishes. 

For travellers or adventure lovers, the city has roadside dhabas to offer for cultural experience.

Public Transport in Karachi

Residents need to commute when living in such a huge cosmopolitan city, therefore, a transportation system or service is required.

Public transports are running in all parts of the city. Public buses, rickshaws, and qingqis are some of the most used modes in Karachi. A recently renovated circular railway is also assisting people commute from several areas such as Orangi Town.

For a comfortable and hassle-free commute, people use app-based hailing services such as Uber, Careem, Airlift, Swvll, and metro buses. Some residents also use private cars who already have a driving permit and do not prefer public transport service.

Reasons for Investment in Karachi

Considering the facilities mentioned in this piece of information, Karachi is a city that offers employment and business opportunities. The city is one of the most affordable places for living as compared to other capital cities in the world, hence investing here might be a profitable idea. 

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