Locations Of House For Rent In Sialkot

10 Marla House for Rent in Tangpura Road, Sialkot
For Rent
  • 3
  • 2
  • Land Area

    2,720.00 Sq Feet

    250.00 Sq Yards

    209.03 Sq Meters

    10.00 Marla

    0.50 Kanal

    0.06 Acre

House for rent GOHAD PUR BLOCK
For Rent
  • 2
  • Land Area

    1,089.00 Sq Feet

    121.00 Sq Yards

    101.20 Sq Meters

    4.00 Marla

    0.20 Kanal

    0.03 Acre

rent for house shops portions
For Rent
  • 6
  • Land Area

    1,361.25 Sq Feet

    151.25 Sq Yards

    126.50 Sq Meters

    5.00 Marla

    0.25 Kanal

    0.03 Acre

Seperater single Story House for Rent
For Rent
  • 2
  • Land Area

    816.75 Sq Feet

    90.75 Sq Yards

    75.90 Sq Meters

    3.00 Marla

    0.15 Kanal

    0.02 Acre

Home for rent 8 marla
For Rent
  • 3
  • Land Area

    2,178.00 Sq Feet

    242.00 Sq Yards

    202.40 Sq Meters

    8.00 Marla

    0.40 Kanal

    0.05 Acre

house for rent nasir road sialkot
For Rent
  • 2
  • Land Area

    1,089.00 Sq Feet

    121.00 Sq Yards

    101.20 Sq Meters

    4.00 Marla

    0.20 Kanal

    0.03 Acre

All types of houses 20000 to80000 i available for rent
For Rent
  • 5
  • Land Area

    2,450.25 Sq Feet

    272.25 Sq Yards

    227.70 Sq Meters

    9.00 Marla

    0.45 Kanal

    0.06 Acre

6 marly house available for rent Gas meter install
For Rent
  • 5
  • Land Area

    1,633.50 Sq Feet

    181.50 Sq Yards

    151.80 Sq Meters

    6.00 Marla

    0.30 Kanal

    0.04 Acre

Beautiful house for renttttt defence homes near to v mall sialkot cant
For Rent
  • 3
  • Land Area

    3,267.00 Sq Feet

    363.00 Sq Yards

    303.60 Sq Meters

    12.00 Marla

    0.60 Kanal

    0.08 Acre

Neat and clean new condition home paka ghara islaam nager
For Rent
  • 2
  • Land Area

    1,905.75 Sq Feet

    211.75 Sq Yards

    177.10 Sq Meters

    7.00 Marla

    0.35 Kanal

    0.04 Acre

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House for Rent in Sialkot

Sialkot – the city of Pakistan’s spiritual father – is situated in the north-east of Punjab. Owing to the industrial activities in the city, it is also referred to as a part of ‘Golden Triangle’ along with Gujranwala, Gujrat, and some other nearby cities.

The city of Punjab holds high economic and industrial significance in the country. It is the hub for manufacturing international goods [especially sports goods] of quality material.

Owing to its industrial significance on a global scale, the city is ranked among the wealthiest cities of South Asia. The city generates more than a billion US dollars of foreign currency every year.

Types of Rent Houses in Sialkot

The city is growing at gradual economic speed and infrastructural development, leading to an open gateway for people to move here. The demand to rent a house in Sialkot is increasing with every passing day.

If you need a rent house in Sialkot, you will have a variety of housing societies to choose from. Rental houses in the city range from affordable 1-bedroom units to luxurious 5-bedroom houses.

Rent houses also are available in different housing units, the average sizes in Sialkot are either 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla, or 1 kanal.

Residential communities that have available houses for rent in Sialkot include Citi Housing Society, Cantt, Noorabad, Muradpur, Aimanabad Road, Zafarwal Road, Cantt Road, Ghalib Road, Shahabpura, Shatab Garh, Fateh Garh Town, and others.

What is the Average Rental Cost in Sialkot?

Remember that no matter what rental costs are trending, there is always room for an increase in value due to various reasons. The size of a house, location of the area, nearby landmarks, availability of luxuries and amenities, etc.

Let’s get a general idea of standard rent prices in Sialkot:

  • The standard rent amount for a 5 marla house in Sialkot is between PKR 12 thousand to PKR 35 thousand.
  • To rent a house in Sialkot of 8 marla, one needs an amount of PKR 18 thousand to PKR 60 thousand.
  • A 10 marla space available for rent, requires a budget of PKR 27 thousand to PKR 65 thousand.
  • If you’re looking for a 1 kanal house on rent in Sialkot, the rent price starts from PKR 37 thousand to PKR 70 thousand.

Educational Institutions in Sialkot

People are highly concerned about the academic system when they are looking for a house on rent in Sialkot.

The city has a variety of quality schools and colleges to offer, they also have highly trained professional teaching staff.

Some of the qualified institutions of the city include:

  • Learning Zone School System Sialkot
  • Mazen Schools Sialkot Campus
  • Sialkot Public School & College
  • The Balance School
  • Sialkot Model School
  • Allied School Sialkot Campus
  • The City School Iqbal Campus
  • Concept School System
  • Roots International System
  • Taqwa School System Model Town
  • Creative School System
  • Excel International School Sialkot
  • City Public High School
  • Rangers Public School
  • Native School System
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary
  • Roots International Schools
  • Allama Iqbal Public High School

The city has plenty of qualified higher education institutions, some of these universities have created renowned business owners, doctors, professors, etc.

  • University of Management and Technology
  • Government College Women University
  • Islam College of Engineering & Management
  • Sialkot College of Commerce
  • University of Sialkot Kashmir Road Campus
  • Government College of Commerce
  • Allama Iqbal Government College for Women
  • Foundation University Sialkot Campus
  • Superior Group of Colleges
  • Imam Bukhari International Islamic University
  • Islam Law College
  • Allama Iqbal Open University Campus
  • Govt Murray College Sialkot

Hospitals in the City

Sialkot has both public and private health sectors dotted across the city. These hospitals also have modern-day medical treatments and professional doctors to provide the best medical services.

The list of the best hospitals in the city are:

  • Sialkot Medical Complex
  • Idrees Hospital
  • Allama Iqbal Memorial Teaching Hospital
  • CMH, Combined Military Hospital
  • Amina Hospital
  • Memorial Christian Hospital
  • Al-Sheikh Hospital
  • Qasim Hospital Sialkot
  • Col Azam Hospital Sialkot
  • Sulehri Children & General Hospital
  • Children Hospital Sialkot
  • Syed Medical Complex
  • Bethania Hospital
  • Zohra Memorial Hospital

Recreational Facilities in Sialkot

Sialkot has a spirit of adventure and is rich in cultural heritage. If you are interested in renting a house here, you might wanna check out some of these wonderful places:

  • Sialkot Fort
  • Haji Pura Camp
  • Village Jajjay Sahian
  • Sialkot Clock Tower
  • Qila Sialkot
  • Haveli Thekedar Abdullah
  • Puran Bhagat Temple
  • Iqbal Square
  • Baab-e-Sialkot
  • Iqbal House
  • Kingra Road Sialkot
  • Raghunath Temple
  • Allama Iqbal Residency
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Historical Site of Old Jammu Station
  • Memorial Tomb of Jain Monk Atma Ramji
  • Darzian wali Kothi

Local Food Items & Restaurants in Sialkot

The city is famous for different Punjabi dishes, mainly Tandori Chicken, Bhuna Gosht, Nihari, Beef & Chicken Biryani, Sarson da saag, Keema Naan etc.

For popular desserts, you can try Phirni, Jalebi, and Sheer Khorma.

To try these mouth-watering and appetising food items at the best dining places in the city, we have listed them below:

  • Subway
  • Royal Taj Restaurant
  • Meikong Restaurant Sialkot
  • Grandiose Restaurant
  • Eat Mubarak
  • Grill n Thrill
  • Take Awayz
  • Foodie
  • Allah Badshah Fish Corner & Falooda House
  • Sialkot Tea Stall
  • Grace: The Family Restaurant
  • Chicken Cottage
  • Mona’s Restaurant
  • Mazzeo
  • Frangoz Fried Chicken & Pizza

For trying sweets and beverages, one can also check out these deluxe cafes:

  • Boissons Cafe
  • Nitro Delights Cafe
  • Second Cup
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees Sialkot
  • Inayat Cafe
  • Mazzeo Cafe
  • Sialkot Cafeteria
  • Kuku’s Coffee
  • Tea & Cocktails
  • Coffee Club
  • MAK Cafe

Shopping Malls in the City

Every busy city requires shopping spots to add convenience. Sialkot has several splendid shopping points from local bazaars to luxurious malls.

The famous Mall of Sialkot and 15 Div Shopping Centre has everything you need, from fantastic clothing collection stores to large cafeterias.

Some of the local bazaars in the city are:

  • Sialkot Model Bazaar
  • Regiment Bazaar
  • Imam Sahab Bazaar
  • Afzal Jeweller Buddi Bazaar
  • Chowk Shaheedan
  • Muslim Bazar
  • Do Darwaza Chowk Sialkot City
  • Trunk Bazar

On the other hand, the following are some shopping malls in the city:

  • Kent Mall Shopping Centre
  • City Centre
  • Yousaf Shopping Mall
  • Duran Shopping Mall
  • QE Central Mall
  • V Mall Sialkot Cantt
  • Sultan Plaza Cantt
  • Sialkot Export Mall
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