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Flats for Rent in Faisalabad

Faisalabad - the second most populated city of Punjab is ranked as the third most populous city of Pakistan. It was formerly known as Lyallpur and owing to its central location in the region, it is a major economic and trading hub.

The city is industrially and commercially significant. It is further divided into six major tehsils, namely Samundri, Faisalabad City, Chak Jhumra, Tandlianwala, Jaranwala, and Faisalabad Saddar.

The city’s first structure was deployed during the British colonial period. The modern city Faisalabad we witness today is built on the early British era framework.

The city has been offering plenty of residential apartment schemes for rent via a large real estate network.

If you plan to seek flats for rent in Faisalabad, exploring real estate Faisalabad for rent prices and popular locations would be a good idea.

Real Estate Network in the City

The city is abundant with commercial and residential apartment schemes, if you need to look for a flat for rent in Faisalabad, consult real estate agents as they can suggest popular locations where you can find available apartments for rent.

Popular Locations for Flats for Rent in Faisalabad

There are a great number of residential apartment schemes available for rent, assisted with urban facilities, basic amenities, and all.

Some of the popular locations of apartments for rent in Faisalabad are listed as Guru Nanak Pura, Faisal Town, Jaranwala Road, Madina Town, Eden Valley.

The ideal number of rooms in apartments starts from 2 bedrooms, however, if you have a bigger family, you can also find apartments with 3 to 4 bedrooms. However, in some cases, people prefer renting studio apartments.

Rent Prices and Trends for Apartments on Rent in Faisalabad

Remember that rent prices may increase and trends will change. Stay updated and familiar with increasing market values for rental apartments in Faisalabad.

A breakdown of rent costs for standard rent apartments in Faisalabad:

  • If you need to get a single-bedroom apartment for rent, your budget should be in the range of PKR 6.5 thousand to PKR 35 thousand.
  • In order to rent a flat in Faisalabad for two bedrooms, you need an amount of PKR 15 thousand to PKR 50 thousand.
  • For a 4 bedroom large apartment, the rent price starts from PKR 40 thousand to PKR 2.2 lakh.

Standard rates can change based on various factors, including location, furniture, duration of tenancy contract, etc.

Educational Institutions in Faisalabad

Knowledge and Education are the primary needs of students, therefore, having qualified schools and teachers nearby is really important.

If you plan to rent a flat in Faisalabad, get informed about the numbers of high-ranking schools and top-notch colleges in the city.

A few of the most important schools in the city are Students’ Inn College, Iqra International Institute Faisalabad, The Skylark Academy System Faisalabad, Stem Visions Faisalabad, and Leads School System.

You can also check registrations for some of the most iconic academic institutions such as Angels International College, Beaconhouse School System, Divisional Public School & College, Punjab Group of Colleges, White Rose School System, and Divisional Model College.

Meanwhile, for higher education studies, students can opt for the following commendable institutions like NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research (NFC-IEFR), National University of Modern Languages (NUML), University of Sargodha, Lyallpur Campus, and University of Engineering and Technology serving their best educational services.

Moreover, the city is home to many proficient medical colleges such as Punjab Medical College, Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College, Independent Medical College, Hamdard University, and Faisalabad Medical University.

Healthcare and Hospitals in the City

Access to receive healthcare services easily is an essential need of every citizen. Whenever you plan to rent an apartment in Faisalabad, consider looking for an area that has easy access to a first-class quality healthcare centre.

The city is abundant with many great hospitals, some of them include Shifa International Hospital Ltd. Faisalabad, Allied Hospital Faisalabad, Rathore Hospital, Asghar General Hospital,  and Doctors Specialist Centre.

Another group of considerable hospitals would be Government General Hospital Samanabad, Saahil Hospital, Al-Noor Hospital, Faisal Hospital, Chiniot General Hospital, The National Hospital, Medicare Hospital, and Madinah Teaching Hospital.

Here are a few more hospitals that are providing modern medical treatments, their names are Punjab Social Security Hospital, Maaz Hospital, Mian Muhammad Trust Hospital, Rubina Memorial Hospital, Children Hospital & Institute of Child Health Faisalabad, etc.

Recreational Sites in Faisalabad

Everyone requires some time to completely unwind, and relax with their friends and family. When we speak of finding a place to relax and have some fun, Faisalabad has a plethora of recreational activities to offer.

The most famous areas to visit include D Ground Park, Heaven View Farm House, Jinnah Gardens, Ehsan Farms, Ascino Park, FunZone Amusement, and Gatwala Park, all of which are perfect surroundings for memorable experiences.

Furthermore, a few more wonderful sites you can visit sometimes include Fun Dunya, Khurrianwala Sports Complex, Universal Gym & Fitness Centre, Kids Play Area, Lyallpur Museum Faisalabad, Sindbad Wonderland, Dakkan Park, Theme Park, Pahari Ground, Qaiseri Gate, Clock Tower, Water Park, Quba Park, etc.

Restaurants & Cafes in Faisalabad

The most famous beverages served in Faisalabad are Rabri, Sugarcane juice, Lemonade, and Lassi. Lassi is however a loved beverage not just in the city, but all over the province.

As far as famous food is concerned, Samosas, Dahi Bhale, Gol Gappe, Biryani & Pulao, and Barbecue are some of the items people in the city love to eat.

Your favorite food items are available at Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen, Bundoo Khan, Baba Tikka Shop, Sam Fried Chicken & Burgers, and Hardees.

In addition to local restaurants, there are various fast food joints and restaurant chains all over the city for you to enjoy. These include McDonald’s, Burger King, Jammin Java Cafe, Nando’s, Oriental, Portobello, Marhaba Mahal, Lyallpuri Thali, El Paso Restaurant, Subway, The Dynasty, Sariya’s Sip N Bites, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, La Cucina Foodies, and many such fancy venues.

Shopping Malls in the City

Shopping malls are a great place for hanging out with your friends and also for purchasing beautiful collections of clothing and accessories.

A list of iconic shopping centres in Faisalabad includes Mall of Faisalabad, The Grand Atrium Mall, Misaq ul Mall, Dua Shopping Mall, and Galaxy Mall.

While other fancy malls you can go for are Boulevard Mall, Ripple Plaza, Saira Mall, Sitara Mart, Lyallpur Galleria, Carrefour Faisalabad, Pearl City, Pakistan Shopping Solutions, Goraya Shopping Centre, Paradise Atrium, and Star Shopping Plaza, etc.