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Best 8 Places to go for Shopping in Karachi

Best 8 Places to go for Shopping in Karachi

Karachi has become a mega-city where both domestic and foreign companies are enjoying the fruits of high demand driven by high populations. In addition, shopping and eating remain the country's biggest entertainment spending. These are the best 8 places to go for shopping in Karachi. Tariq Road: This place is considered the shopping paradise of Karachi for all men and women. In this market, you will find almost all types of high quality to low-quality products. In addition, this market also has one of the most popular shopping centers of Karachi, the Dolmen Mall, which is located in the heart. This market is located in the center of the city. People from every corner of this huge city spend thousands of rupees every time they get their foot in it. In addition, there are numerous shopping malls, restaurants, snack bars and juice bars on the market. If you do not feel like shopping and looking for something to nibble, this is the place. Dolmen Mall Clifton: Karachi's current favorite place is Dolmen Mall Clifton - and for many reasons. The location on Marine Drive near the beach is a prime destination, and many of the cafes and restaurants offer sea views while dining. However, it is not only a great place to eat and relax, but also to shop with many mid-range to upscale local brands and designers. In addition, this mall has the most international brands. These include Mango, Caanchi and Lugari, Charles and Keith, Debenhams, Hush Puppies, Longines, Calvin Klein, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger. Zainab Market: This shopping market is usually crowded with people from the southern part of Karachi. You can find many shops selling high-quality export goods at rather low prices. That's pretty much the main reason why people are still coming here. In addition, there are now numerous factory outlets of some of the top clothing brands in this market. There are many favorite restaurants on this market, such as KBC, ChulluKabab, and you can never hate that the booth of AndeWala Burger is on every corner. Lucky one Mall: The City of Lights is known throughout Pakistan for its variety of great shopping and shopping malls. In fact, the largest shopping mall in Pakistan, The Lucky One Mall, is currently in Karachi, with over 200 stores, Lucky One is the largest shopping mall in Pakistan where everything is available what visitors want or need. The mall also has a huge food court with local and international cuisine and a huge hypermart. Both high-end and mid-range brands can be found here, making them ideal for all types of buyers. The only downside to Lucky One is its location on Rashid Minhas Road, a busy, busy street in the north of the city, off the center of Karachi. Boulton Market: The oldest and largest wholesale market is a must on this list. This place is home to many top wholesalers in Pakistan. In fact, the products from this market are delivered throughout Pakistan. However, due to parking problems and heavy traffic, the market has lost many customers. To solve this problem, an online version of this market has begun to sell products in bulk and at wholesale prices. Ocean Mall: With a 3D cinema, a trampoline park called Bounce, an indoor theme park called Atlantis, many great dining options and world-class local and international brands, the Ocean Mall is the city's entertainment hub. The prime location in Khayaban-e-Iqbal and the tall building facilitate access and offer visitors great views of the surrounding area, especially from the rooftop restaurants. Notable international brands include Inglot, Splash, The Body Shop, Nike, Pedro, Charles & Keith, and Hush Puppies. Zamzama Street: This market is located near DHA and Clifton, two areas of Karachi where the elite class lives. This market is also aimed at the same public. In this market, you will mainly find imported and branded products. The prices are sky high and it is usually crowded with the elite class. There are many first-class restaurants and cafés in the area to satisfy the taste of the shopper. Some notable are Pizza Hut, Domino, Pantry and The Butler's Chocolate Café. Hyderi Shopping Market: I'm pretty sure many of you have not even seen this market. That's not because it's a small market. This market also houses the Dolmen Mall. This place is usually crowded with people living in the northern areas of Karachi, such as Nazimabad, FB Area, Surjani Town, and North Karachi. This market is quite large and has many stores selling high and low-quality products.

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List of things you need before hajj

List of things you need before hajj

When you start packing for your journey, you should know few things which are necessary for travelling and for Hajj as well as. Passport including Visa Documentation: The Hajj authorities will take your passport upon arrival in Saudi Arabia and will return it to you when departing. Proof of Vaccination: Depending on which country you come from, you may also need valid vaccination certificates against yellow fever and polio. Money: Take enough money to cover your expenses. Make a budget before you leave. You can exchange your money at the airport on arrival in Saudi Arabia, at local banks or money changers in Mecca and Medina. Saudi Riyals: Bring at least 450 Riyals (£ 100, $ 120) to help you with your immediate expenses on arrival in Saudi Arabia. Few Items for Prayer: Pocket Quran Dua Book Dua List Tasbeeh or Digital Counter Prayer Mat Compass for the Qibla Hajj / Umrah Guide Book Baggage: Hard-Shell Suitcase Suitcase Locks & Keys Luggage Tags Backpack Clothing & Accessories: Ihram x 2 Safety Pins Waist Pouch or Neck Pouch Comfortable, Loose-Fitting Clothes Bathroom Slippers Sandals x 2 Trainer / Sneakers Shoe Bag / String Bag Light Jumper / Jacket Socks Sunglasses Headwear Folding umbrella Toiletries / Hygiene: Towels Toothbrush / Miswaak Toothpaste Shampoo Bar of Soap Liquid Soap Pocket Tissues Wet Wipes Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Hairbrush / Comb Shaving Machine / Disposable Razors Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant Perfume / Ittar Small Mirror Suction Hooks Nail Cutter Small Scissors Sanitary Pads Toiletries Bag Medication: Regular Medication Cold & Flu Relief Medication Pain Relief Tablets Travel Sickness Tablets Moisturizing Cream Cream / Balm / Lotion Lip Balm Throat Lozenges / Spray and Cough Syrups Vitamin C Supplements Plasters / Blister Plasters / Bandages Sun Block Muscle Pain Ointments / Creams Glucose Antibiotics Electronics: Universal Travel Adapter Mobile Phone Saudi Sim Card Mobile Phone Charger Portable Charger / Power Bank E-reader / Smart Tablet Earphones / Headphones Wrist Watch Radio Torch / Flashlight Travel Iron Travel Kettle Other Items: Inflatable Air Mattress Sleeping Bag Straw Hajji Mat Inflatable Pillow Light Blanket / Bed Sheet Pen / Marker Paper / Small Notebook Travel Neck Pillow Ear Plugs Eye Mask Dust Mask Small Bottle Small Water Spray Bottle Snacks Packets of Juices / Soft-Drinks / Tea / Coffee

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Best Places to Eat Biryani in Karachi

Best Places to Eat Biryani in Karachi

Biryani is one of the most popular rice dishes in Pakistan. It is an excellent combination of rice and meat along with various spices. Nothing is better than the feeling of having a biryani after a hard day. Biryani is considered the national dish of the Pakistanis. The hardest part, though, is finding the best biryani in the city. Karachi is full of places where you can easily find this tempting food. This dish is usually served with a special kind of Raita along with a salad. It is food that can be enjoyed in any weather and on almost all important occasions. It confuses us to choose a place where we can eat the perfect biryani for lunch or dinner. We have put together the best places serving the most delicious biryani in Karachi. So, if you are a native, or even if you are traveling, then these places are a must. Al Naz Biryani(Allama Iqbal Colony Karachi): Not many people know this amazing place, but those who are, definitely recommend it to their family and friends. This budget-friendly location is not only easier to keep in your pocket, but can also serve your entire squad if you're looking for something special. They sell a 1kg biryani bucket for 240 rupees, which is probably the cheapest price for good quality biryani in Karachi. Madni Biryani (Sector 15A/5 Buffer Zone, Karachi): Madni Biryani is a high-quality Biryani center located in the buffer zone. The chicken biryani they prepare has a good taste with the perfect amount of chicken, and the quality of the rice is good as well. It is not too spicy compared to other Biryani, so it is ideal for those who want to enjoy mild spicy rice in a quality location. GhousiaNalli Biryani(Liaquatabad, Block 6 Liaquatabad Town, Karachi): If you feel new momentum in the world of biryani, you will agree that no one can better cook Nalli Biryani than Ghousia Nalli Biryani in Liaquatabad. Although there is no parking space, it is mostly always domestic, which should say about the quality of their biryani. Food Centre: The Food Center has three shops in town: Burns Road, Hussainabad and Clifton. It serves one of the best biryani with chicken and beef. You can have dinner, take it or even bring it to your home or office. It was founded in 1996 and can serve up to 800 guests at a time. The atmosphere of the Biryani center is fascinating. All branches are air-conditioned and offer a wide variety of food. Haji Biryani (Jamshed Quarters, Karachi): The delicious taste they have in their biryani of chicken and beef is perfect for those who want to have the authentic taste of biryani. The beef you can have there is made with boneless meat to give you the real taste of tender and juicy meat along with rice. Biryani of the Seas (Prince Complex, Clifton, Karachi): It is one of the fastest-growing biryani areas in Clifton. The critical feature of this biryani is the use of fresh seafood. If you are tired of eating biryani in a traditional way, then it really is a nice place to try different variations. Biryani Center: The Biryani Center in Karachi is a Pakistani food chain that today offers a wide range of food. Her specialty, however, lies in Biryani, which is why she was launched. They have several offices throughout the city, which are located in DHA Phase 2, SMCHS, Northern Nazimabad, and are headquartered in DHA Phase 5. They offer a variety of biryani, including Kofta Biryani, Malai Boti Biryani, Reshmi Kabab Biryani, seek kabab biryani, malai tikka biryani, broast biryani, and even zinger biryani! You can have dinner, take it or bring it to your home.

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Every year, Jaga Online helps you to sell or buy property.
Search your home, apartments, office and shops in all cities of Pakistan with our Jagah online brokerages. The leading real estate online portal of the country Jagah Online is the place of the country's market-leading independent commercial/residential real estate brokerages in Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad and all other cities. From selling and purchasing of shops to the office we make it simple for you. Looking for house or apartment in Gulshion Iqbal or any rental property in any city visit us right now. Our by-invitation-only network is based on a trusted relationship or unparalleled performance that end in exceptional customer experiences.

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Selling a House offers the most practical, convenient and modern platform for everyone who wants to sell off a house in most cities of Pakistan. Karachi is the limelight in the real estate market of house for sale.
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Property in Karachi

There is a lot of potential in the Karachi real-estate. Tap into the property market even if you are in another city at the moment.
Find your new house in the best commercial/residential areas in Karachi like, Gulshion Iqbal, DHA, Bahriya Town, Gulistan-e-johar etc. You can find house for sale or house for rent at these prime locations of Karachi. You can search for houses in many localities and of all sizes (100/120/200/250/500/1000 sq yards).

Up-front prices

Once you are clear on where you want to buy/rent a house, you can move forward with the process. Prices for all of the houses are available on the website, along with the structure details.

Specify your Demand provides options for the visitors where they can choose the property which matches their demands. You can select the size of the house and location for targeted results. You can also choose the number of rooms and set a budget bracket to view only the results which match your needs.

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You can see exactly where the House stands in a locality on the map. The location makes it easy for you to find the house when you visit.

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Renting the apartment is a complicated procedure nowadays. Taking out time from your busy schedule or searching newspaper for an apartment is not at all easy. On Jagah Online various customers and property broker has uploaded different rental flats and bedroom apartments for rent at prime location of Karachi and other cities.
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Companies charge a considerable sum of money for their property broker services. However, Jagah Online decided to get away with this trend. You do not have to pay any single penny for creating your account here. We have simplified the procedure of sale/purchase/rent. Moreover, we have equally provided a forum where everyone can involve in the business of real estate. Therefore, Jagah Online is leading from the front in the online real estate business.

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Search online at to find reasonable office places on rent. Select your area of preference, choose your budget window and enter your search. You will receive multiple options for your new office.
Once you select the office space, coordinate and get in touch with the owner. Renting office spaces in big cities has never been this easy.

Corporate Office for Sale

Winding up your business? Or Moving to a new location?

If you are finding a buyer for your commercial office, visit for solution. You only need to register with a valid account and post details of your office building online. Potential buyers will contact you on their own.
No more running after real estate broker. We bring hassle free property solutions to you. Collaborate directly with the buyers and save yourself from the property broker scams.

Buy a Commercial Office Space

If you are looking to buy a commercial building, has many offers. Now you can buy a workspace with just a little research online. Narrow down your choices before visiting the potential buying sites and save tons of energy, effort and time. Enter your specifications in the search options and let the engine do the work for you. The online search acts like an agent, only it is faster and more effective. Find you’re the workspace for sale and deal directly with the seller, eliminating all middle men.

Find a Co-working spaces in Karachi

Property is expansive, especially in the big cities. Since necessity is the mother of all inventions, there is a new trend in the commercial system. Shared coworking spaces in Karachi are an increasingly popular trend these days where people share one office for their entirely different businesses.
Not only is a shared space cost-effective but a good start for new businesses. provides an excellent platform to all such people who are looking for shared workspaces.

Search for co-working spaces in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan.

Are you Search for furnished offices?

Save time on detailing your office interior and find a furnished office at in any city of Pakistan. It is as simple as putting in your demand in the search option and selects the best suited place from the list. An already furnished office available space can cost a little more but also save you from the hassle of settling in. You will find multiple options for a furnished office in our search. We provide an opportunity to the sellers and buyers to communicate directly and eliminate the need for a property broker.

Commercial Showrooms

Sale/purchase/rent an office place is one thing and looking for a reasonable commercial showroom is another. Commercial showrooms are more spacious so they are harder to find. is the right place for anyone who is interested in buying a commercial showroom. Enter your specifications in the search box and get a list of various options. You can choose the best one according to your demand and contact the owner directly.

Are You Looking For Shop?

Jagah Online is a real estate online portal that helps real estate broker and customer sell and buys properties including shops. Furthermore, this website has more than 1000 shops available in commercial/residential area of Karachi and other leading cities of Pakistan. You can not only buy, you can also sell or rent your shop

  • Buying of shops
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  • Purchase of shop
  • Rent a shop
  • Get retail outlets
  • Much more

Therefore, one can say that we are giving all kind of services. Our registered customer can receive daily updates of the property via notification. Apart from this all this it is the largest online gateway. Similarly, all data regarding the prime location is given in the separate section.

Shop for Sale

Are you putting your shop for sale? Register at the web portal and post your shop with details of location and dimensions. It is as simple as that. Interested people will contact you themselves. Now you can sell your commercial property with just a single click.

Shop for Rent

For everyone who is planning to start their own business, now you can easily search and find the perfect location for your shop at There are long lists of shops for rent, choose the one you like and contact the seller for response.

Buy/Sell/Rent Shops

Our web portal has long listings of available shops. You can search for a shop which fits your demand and get in touch with the seller/renter or buyer. Are you searching for a specific shop?
If you are looking to find a particular shop, you simply need to enter your requirement in the search box and the search engine will provide you with a list of available options.

Find All Commercial Shops

People post a large variety of shops on our web portal including Retail Outlets, Mobile shops, Pan Shop, Milk shop, Cafes and shops for rent.
You can find the perfect location for the franchise you want to start. Find everything and anything at

Fast Running Shop Sale

Often time people shift jobs or homes and decide to sell off their running businesses. You can benefit from such opportunities and buy a running shop. Reduce the time and effort in starting a new business to almost zero by buying a running business.

Our Property listing portal is the key feature of Jagah Online. In these clients as well as property brokers also post their properties whether it is a house or apartment in commercial/residential property, showrooms, retail outlets or commercial shops. All features including price, size, and location are added to it. So you could get a clear description of the property. Jaga Online charge the nominal amount of money for this service.

Register yourself right now

If you want a fast running shop sale or looking for a shop for rent, the procedure is that the client registers themselves with Jagah Online after the registration customers search property of their choice where they can get information about the other property and contact the seller.

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