The new finance bill have high penalties for the tax offenders

Jun 26, 2019

The time has come for those who were not paying taxes on their enormous wealth. Now the government of Pakistan has made it clear through their new law that every citizen who is an owner of a property is liable to declare its value and pay a certain amount of tax to the income tax authority.

The last date of asset declaration under the amnesty scheme is 30th June 2019. After 30th June strict actions will be taken against those who have done a legal offense of not declaring their assets. According to the new finance bills, those who haven’t declared their properties according to the Benami Transaction (Prohibition) Act, 2017 and Income tax ordinance 2001 will be facing multiple types of penalties which are approved by the parliament of Pakistan.

Section 182 of income tax ordinance has been revised and the finance bill for 2019 have shown a massive increase in the penalties which range from Rs. 25000 to Rs 100,000. Especially for those who are non-filers will be subjected to the payment of minimum Rs 40,000 due to non-filling of their tax returns. If a person has calculated their returns with errors and submitted it without correction will be penalized for the amount of Rs. 30,000 or more.

Next, if a person was liable to furnish a return but failed to do so will be paying a penalty of 0.1% of the taxable income every week or amount of Rs. 100,000 whichever is higher until he is done with the submission.

If the error in the calculation is repeated and this mistake is done in a single year than the person is subjected to pay a penalty of 3% or Rs. 30,000 whichever is higher. This penalty is charged on the person when the taxable amount is higher and tax payment is less than what it is supposed to be paid.

According to the finance bill 2019, any person who is involved in the purchase of any immovable asset and it's market value is higher than 5 million rupees. In this case, if the payment is done through cash or bearer cheque then the person has to pay 5% as a penalty upon the property price determined by the government.

For the offshore investment offense, the investor will be paying a penalty of Rs. 100,000 or 200%  of the amount of tax for which the person was charged an offense. The payment will be done to the appellate tribunal under the income tax ordinance 2001.

Movement of a property from a specified region or territory to any unspecified region or territory is also subjected for a penalty. The amount for such penalty is equal to Rs. 100,000 or 100% of the amount for the tax payment whichever is more will be paid to the income tax authority or the appellate tribunal.

Finally, If any person is involved in any sort of offense of offshore tax hedging as an advisor or guide is subjected to a penalty of Rs. 300,000 or 200% of the amount of tax which was advised to be evaded, whichever is more. The amount of penalty will be submitted to the income tax authority or the appellate tribunal.

Any person who is liable of filing a tax return and intentionally failed to do so or have submitted a return in which declared the value of assets are less than the fair market value is subjected as an evader of law. Under the income tax ordinance, all offenders and evaders will be penalized after the given date of submissions which is 30th, June 2019. No files will be entertained with the amnesty scheme and after that and heavy fines will be imposed on the offenders.


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