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Pakistan becomes the fourth fastest growing freelancer market

Aug 29, 2019

In the world of competition, race and technology innovations, the successful countries mold their concentration over on the youth of the country because as the great leader said “Youth is the future of any country”. In Today’s world where Pakistan is fighting with its toughest time, maintaining the economy of the country becomes the highlighted issue for the Government of Pakistan.

Every year Pakistan producing about a half million graduates in which 10,000 is IT graduates since 2010 which is the huge number but the question arises that millions of students graduating but is there any opportunity and jobs available in same figure? The answer is No. in fact it is impossible for any country producing same number of jobs as the graduated student.

Freelancing, Solution of IT Unemployment:

The solution of the problem discussed is simple. Introduce any platform where students work with the teams and enhance their skills by working with not only the local clients but also with the international clients which also increase their knowledge, economical rate of Pakistan and help them to get earning. So the platform which is growing very fast in all over the world is freelancing where students show their skills and get their desire work.

In the freelancing world Pakistan become the 4th fastest growing company in market across the world. Government of Pakistan introduce multiple online training courses for students and also starts the vocational training centers where students get the knowledge of freelancing work in half of the fees or sometimes it’s free. So the People of Pakistan compete the freelancers all over the world.

According to the research 70% population of Pakistan have high potential working in the freelancing company under the age of 30. According to the general manager of payoneer, “The younger generation of Pakistan seeking the opportunity”. So in the last it is mandatory for the government of Pakistan to take initiatives and support the HEC and its autonomy. If this trend continue or even sustain for the next 10 years Pakistan will become strongest global player with the flourishing and advance knowledge having the large number of literate population.

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