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Karachi has become Worst City to live

Karachi has become Worst City to live

Due to massive corruption, Karachi’s major development projects take from 10 years to 40 years like Karachi Mass Transit, KMT, Karachi Circular Railway, Lyari Expressway and as a result, the solution becomes a problem. This is exactly what is going on in Karachi and except for one or two, all its flyovers, underpasses reflect work of most incompetent engineers, who lacked vision. Yet, they become millionaires and billionaires with the passage of time.

The Parking Mafia:

Whether you go to a hospital, shopping mall or any other market place, you are bound to be stopped by a man and asked for parking fees. These individuals often overcharge for parking.

In the supermarket of Liaquatabad motorcyclists received 20 rupees instead of the official price of 5 rupees. At the Hyderi market in northern Nazimabad, people who had paid 20 rupees for parking their motorcycles showed their receipts so torn that the original rate of 5 rupees was not visible.

Not even receipts were issued in Saddar and 30 rupees were charged for the parking of motorcycles. The vehicles were parked in four lanes, although the government allows only a single lane.

Traffic Police:

The traffic police collected Rs 200.9 million in the first three months of this year for fines of 839,000 Challan. That is around 20.48% more than in the previous year.

It is expected that fewer laws will be violated due to an increase in the fine. Any person riding without a helmet must now pay a fee of Rs. 1,000.

The Karachi traffic police have now come up with a plan to stop or at least reduce the number of rule violations in the city.

Any person parking at no parking must now pay a fee of Rs. 1,000.

Any vehicle drive or park at no entry place must now pay a fee of Rs. 100.

Triple motorcycling is illegal. The vehicle has a capacity of two people, and if more people sit on it, it becomes overloaded.

Any motorcycle has a capacity of three people or following this illegal way of riding now pay a fee of Rs. 2,000.


Broken roads and flooded roads due to poor sewer conditions, interventions and construction in various parts of the city would lead to congestion. Traffic police were on the streets all day to keep traffic going.

Roads in many areas of Karachi have far too many potholes. These cause traffic accidents and delays. Vehicles suffer damage to their suspensions, which causes high repair costs. With the beginning of the monsoon season, with each precipitation, a further deterioration of the surface and the quality of the road structure is observed.

Traffic Signals:

The heavy traffic flow on the road often leads to traffic congestion. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that there is no traffic signal at the location. The authorities have to install traffic lights so that the flow of traffic can be efficiently controlled.

Every day a series of traffic accidents occur due to uncertain conditions and hundreds of citizens lose their precious lives. One of the main causes is the unavailability of traffic signals or the disappearance of the traffic police.


K-Electric (KE) increased the desperation of city dwellers and punished them with hours of load shedding. The KE government failed to sustain power in Karachi, causing the city to submerge in darkness, forcing its citizens to suffer from the scorching heat. Load shedding spells have been experienced in several districts including Korangi, Landhi, DHA, Clifton, Lyari, Maripur, Kemari, Sultanabad, the Hijrat colony, the Shirin Jinnah Colony, North Karachi, GulzarHijri, Liaquatabad, Orangi city, Nazimabad. North Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Johar, Malir, and Quaidabad.

Water Crisis:

The water supply in various areas of the city, from local pumping stations, is severely affected by power outages lasting for hours so that the inhabitants are deprived of basic services.

There are 300 local pumping stations in the city where water supply is largely disrupted due to load shedding. So far, the Sindh government has not taken any steps to solve the problem.

In Karachi, Korangi, Landhi, North Karachi, Nazimabad, Line Territory, Surjani Town, Baldia City, Orangi City, Mehmoodabad and Manzoor Colony are all seriously affected by water shortages.

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