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Important of IHRAM and from where you can buy

Jul 31, 2019
The Hajj has great importance in Islam and ihram is one of the requirements of Hajj. Ihram is special clothing for Hajj. It has a white color and every Muslim man must wear it from Miqat, which is intended for all Hajj pilgrims traveling from different countries including Pakistan. Ihram is the same for all Muslims, regardless of their financial situation, race, skin color, country of origin and language.


This color also helps to avoid getting attention and looking like an ordinary man or woman. If there were no Ihram, people would wear different kinds of fabrics and colors, which would mean several colors and distract the worshipers' attention. It would also make them stand out or attract attention if they were wearing different kinds of clothes depending on their culture, country, etc.


Rich or poor, prince or employee, billionaire or small business owner, all wear the same dress. In this way, people feel, among other things without inferiority or superiority complex more comfortable and equal. It also shows that Allah does not appreciate the wealth of Muslims. Everyone is equal to Allah Almighty, except those who are distinguished by goodness and have good intentions and actions. This fact is also stated in the Holy Qur'an that piety, not a race, skin color, money, etc., in the service of Muslims.

Where you can buy Ihram?

Hijab Al Hareem


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