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How technology will change our homes in future

Aug 29, 2019


You are sleeping on your bed, your alarm is buzzing continuously, don’t worry you didn’t set the wrong alarm but your smart clock scanned your schedule and organize your meeting according to your busy routine. You wake up and going to take bath your shower automatically maintain the temperature and start after realizing your presence. The electrical car is waiting you which have capability to charge by the solar system, the later on after coming back to your home there are sensors doors, light setups and also automated health sensors placed in your washroom recommend you the medicines for you are if you are not well or may be it detect kind of illness. Strange ?

Being 90’s maintain communication all over the world, having possible solutions in your hand, secure life, minimize the burden with the help of automatic robots was just a dream . But in 21st it’s not the dream. Technology involve in every inch of our life and moderating the future homes with the unbelievable and amazing technical inventions to make our life easier and comfortable. The time consuming activities converted into instant work or reduce the human efforts as well. But it’s not stopping here IOT and automation involves the intelligence to make the life automatic.


The most exciting thing in technology is, it always developing with the time. Now with the passage of time technology replace the people like home automation as we sees in cartoons but it is happening in homes now. Now you can control, take suggestions, organize your activities virtually by the smart phones, remotes and other technical devices. With the time increasing these devices are being common in the market, so it is not possible to decide that where the technology stop. There are some home inventions available which are highly impacted on our residents in future like 3D televisions, robots helpers, giant touch screen tables, smart glasses and hydro flooring. These gadgets make our believe strong that someday our home will look like the Jetson homes which will be real not graphical. So these inventions point the self-sufficiency of future homes everywhere.

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