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Documents you need to sell your House

Documents you need to sell your House

Before you put your house up for sale, you must gather all the documents related to your home, including information related to your legal documents. A copy of your sales contract from the moment you bought your property, a copy of your deed and the title report, your property tax information, including your most recent bills; survey reports, etc.

Sale Deed:

One of the main documents of purchase of legal goods is a registered deed of sale which serves as proof of sale/transfer of the property of the last seller to you.

Mother Deed:

A deed is required at the time of sale of a property because it establishes the sequence of sales or transfers leading to the seller's property by the property. If you do not have an original, you must produce a certified copy by the registration authorities.

Latest Receipt of Property Tax paid:

The owners have to pay taxes. Make sure the previous owner has paid the property taxes and there is no pending deadline. Property tax receipts also help to prove the legal status of the property.

Power of Attorney:

This document is necessary to prove that the sale or purchase of a particular property is carried out by an authorized person in the name of the owner of the property. This must be produced in original to obtain a mortgage.

Copy of a Building Plan:

A buyer must obtain a copy of the construction plan approved by the official body to establish that the construction of the property is legal and is done in accordance with the rules and regulations in force.

Allotment Letter:

A letter of the subdivision is one of the most important documents for obtaining a home loan. It is issued by a developer or housing authority, indicating the property description and details of the amount paid by the buyer to the developer. Remember that a letter of attribution is not the same thing as a sales contract.

Sale Agreement:

This document lists all kinds of property information - terms and conditions, date of possession, payment schedule, specifications, details of common areas and facilities, etc. The agreement also holds the developer responsible for building the property.

Possession Letter:

This document is provided to the buyer by the developer and fixes the date on which the letter will grant him possession of the goods. The original of this document must be produced for obtaining a mortgage.

Payment Receipt:

Collect the original payment receipts from the developer if you buy a new property. If you are buying a resale property, ask for a copy of the vendor's receipts to be submitted to the bank.

Completion Certificate:

This document is necessary to obtain a mortgage. This document establishes that the building is built according to an approved plan.

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