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Amazing Facts about ICC World Cup 2019

Amazing Facts about ICC World Cup 2019

Amazing Facts About ICC World Cup 2019

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is the twelfth tournament in the Cricket World Cup series, held from May 30 to July 14, 2019 in England and Wales. The ICC, the International Cricket Council, is the governing body that governs and takes responsibility for complying with the rules and regulations governing cricket and organizing various tournaments worldwide. The last World Cup tournament took place in 2015 and was organized jointly by two countries, Australia and New Zealand. This tournament was very successful and was won by host country Australia, who defeated New Zealand and won his fifth World Cup of eleven.

10 Teams Participating:

This year the World Cup tournament will only be held within 10 teams according to the new mandate of ICC. It used to be 14 at the 2011 World Cup and 14 in 2015, and now only 10, as the ICC believes that only a handful of nations fighting for a single cup will win better contests.

Winning Price:

This year's World Cup is really an extraordinary tournament. It's worth $ 4 million, the highest amount a team has ever won at a World Cup today.

Compete Each Other:

The top 10 teams participating in this World Cup are India, England, Bangladesh, Australia, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies. These are the teams that have to compete against each other in the league games to reach the final.


This World Cup has a total net worth of $ 10 million, which is the highest amount ever spent on a World Cup. This means that this year ICC has made every effort to bring people closer to this game.

World Cup in UK:

England & Wales was the first country to hold world championship tournaments for the very first time since it will be there for the fifth time in 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999.

Missing Team:

It is the first time in this World Cup since 1983 that the Zimbabwean team is not represented in the World Cup. It is also the first time that Ireland has not been represented at the World Cup since 2007.

World Cup Trophy 2019:

The trophy of this Cricket World Cup 2019 will be 2 feet high and made of silver and gold. Inside is a golden ball held by three silver pillars. The total weight of the trophy is 11 kg in total.

Semi Finalist:

At this 2019 World Cup, the team that would lose in the semi-finals will receive $ 8,000,000 at the end of the tournament, making it a valuable tournament even for losing teams.

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