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Amazing Facts About Pakistan

Jul 25, 2019

Pakistan is a South Asian country that ranks 6th among the most populous countries in the world. Most of Pakistan stretches across the beautiful and historic Indus River. Country of poets and famous artists, the country has a rich cultural heritage. You can be seduced by its natural landscape, its cuisine, its craze for cricket and its famous poets and musicians of all time. However, it is tragic that Pakistan has been suffering from terrorism for centuries. Terrorist activities make this place less charming.

World Largest Producer of Football:

Pakistan is the proud maker of more than 50% of world football, where they are not yet known in the world. The FIFA World Cup receives all the balloons from Sialkot, Pakistan.

The only Nuclear Country of Muslims:

Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear country in the world. It has many nuclear weapons and ranks seventh on the list of nuclear-weapon States.

World’s Largest Sea Port:

The port of Gwadar is located in the Arabian Sea and the largest offshore port in the world. Pakistan has agreed to work with China to make Gwadar a large-scale commercial port.

Shah Faisal Mosque:

Faisal Mosque is located at the foothills of Margalla Hills in Islamabad. Faisal Mosque is the Largest Mosque in Pakistan. It used to be the largest Mosque in the World from 1986 until 1993 when it was overtaken by mosques in MENA (the Middle East and North Africa region) region.

Karakoram Highway:

The Karakoram road is considered the highest paved road in the world. This miraculous effort leads him to be unofficially called the 8th Wonder of the World.

Largest Ambulance Network (Private sector):

Abdul SattarEdhi is one of the leading philanthropists of the world's first private ambulance service. This ambulance fleet has more than 1,800 ambulances and continues to grow.

Achievement in Sports:

In 1994, Pakistan became the first country in the world to simultaneously hold four world cup titles in various traditional sports. Sports include cricket, hockey, squash, and snooker.

Noble Prize Winners:

Pakistan has produced two great winners. The first concerned Dr. Abdus Salam in 1979, physicist. The second was awarded to Malala Yousaf Zai, who recently won her in 2014 for her efforts in the field of education for girls and peace.

Nestle Pakistan:

Nestle Pakistan is one of the largest milk processing plants that generate good revenues every year. The company's growth is immense and it is expected that it will soon become the largest milk processing plant in the world.

Missile Technology:

Pakistan's missile technology is one of the best in the world. The country has manufactured a lot of missiles in a very short time since they became nuclear energy. Their missiles are recognized as one of the best in the world.

Arfa Karim:

Arfa Karim (late) is the youngest Microsoft certified expert who is from Pakistan. Babar Iqbal is another proud Pakistani who is second to Arfa for the same achievement.

Jahangir Khan:

Jahangir Khan is one of the best squash players of all time. He won the title of the British Open, the most prestigious event in the game record 10 times, which is an incredible record. Another great accomplishment of the man is that in one of his titles of the British Open, he lost no point, which is really outstanding!

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