16 Acre Agriculture Land For Sale In Shaikh Bhirkio Road Jalal Mori, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    698,400.00 Sq Feet

    77,440.00 Sq Yards

    64,752.00 Sq Meters

    2,560.00 Marla

    128.00 Kanal

    16.00 Acre

5 Acre Agriculture Land For Sale In Shaikh Bhirkio Road Jalal Mori, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    218,250.00 Sq Feet

    24,200.00 Sq Yards

    20,235.00 Sq Meters

    800.00 Marla

    40.00 Kanal

    5.00 Acre

24 Acre Agriculture Land For Sale In New Model Town Housing Scheme Husri, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    1,047,600.00 Sq Feet

    116,160.00 Sq Yards

    97,128.00 Sq Meters

    3,840.00 Marla

    192.00 Kanal

    24.00 Acre

6 Acre Agriculture Land For Sale In New Model Town Housing Scheme Husri, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    261,900.00 Sq Feet

    29,040.00 Sq Yards

    24,282.00 Sq Meters

    960.00 Marla

    48.00 Kanal

    6.00 Acre

2 Acre Agriculture Land For Sale In New Model Town Housing Scheme Husri, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    87,300.00 Sq Feet

    9,680.00 Sq Yards

    8,094.00 Sq Meters

    320.00 Marla

    16.00 Kanal

    2.00 Acre

5 Acre Agriculture Land For Sale In New Model Town Housing Scheme Husri, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    218,250.00 Sq Feet

    24,200.00 Sq Yards

    20,235.00 Sq Meters

    800.00 Marla

    40.00 Kanal

    5.00 Acre

1000 Sq Feet Plot For Sale In Hosri Town, Al Qureshi Brothers Housing Scheme, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    1,000.00 Sq Feet

    111.11 Sq Yards

    92.90 Sq Meters

    3.68 Marla

    0.18 Kanal

    0.02 Acre

1200 Sq Yards Plot For Sale In Ghagra Mori Tando Fazal Road, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    10,800.00 Sq Feet

    1,200.00 Sq Yards

    1,003.34 Sq Meters

    4.41 Marla

    0.22 Kanal

    0.25 Acre

1080 Sq Yards Plot For Sale In New Sabzi Mandi Road, Mirpurkhas Road, Hyderabad
For Sale
  • Land Area

    9,720.00 Sq Feet

    1,080.00 Sq Yards

    903.01 Sq Meters

    3.97 Marla

    0.20 Kanal

    0.22 Acre

80 Sqyd House For Sale In Hyderabad
For Sale

80 Sqyd House For Sale In Hyderabad

Mustafa Bungalows, Hyderabad, Sindh
  • 4
  • 5
  • Land Area

    720.00 Sq Feet

    80.00 Sq Yards

    66.89 Sq Meters

    2.65 Marla

    0.13 Kanal

    0.02 Acre

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Home for Sale in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the second-largest city of Sindh. The city is in close proximity to the bank of the River Indus. It has around 1.7 million population and is considered the 8th largest city in Pakistan.

Historical Value

The city is a culturally and economically important part of Sindh considering wealthy traditions and rich history. When we look back in time, the city was deemed as the ‘Paris of India’ during the pre-partition era. It also used to be the cultural capital of Sindh.

Cultural Importance

According to historical records, the city was heavily populated by Sindhi Hindus until partition in 1947. The event of partition brought an influx of Muslim population to Hyderabad and ultimately many tribes and families from interior Sindh areas started settling here as well.

People migrated for all the reasons like employment, education, modern living facilities, and health care. This historical remark changed the fortune of the city and now the place is acting as a medium between rural and urban Sindh.

The population sphere of the city also became more diverse over the past years. Not to mention, ‘Hyderabadi bangles’ are one of the best souvenirs from this city.

Types of Real Estate Housing Schemes in Hyderabad

The city with a population of 1.7 million people is expanding at a radical pace, bringing about change in every aspect from development plans to housing schemes.

More and more people are being welcomed to move here for a better life and with the arrival of more citizens, there is a growing demand for accommodation.

Despite that, the city is catering to the basic housing needs of people from all walks of life by providing them with residential accommodation schemes.

The topmost popular locations of houses for sale in Hyderabad are Qasimabad, Latifabad, Hyderabad Bypass, Mir Hussainabad, Isra Village, Gulistan-e-Sajjad, Qasimabad Main Bypass, Kohsar, Jamshoro Road, Daman-e-Kohsar Housing Society, etc with quality homes and luxuries.

You can easily find a wide range of houses for sale in severely populated areas of Hyderabad, varying from size to size and in prices as well.

The real estate in Hyderabad is starting from the standard size of 80 sq. yd. This means you can pick from multiple ranges of options.

For instance, 120 sq. yd and 150 sq. yd houses for sale in Hyderabad.

Sale Prices for Houses in Hyderabad

Hyderabad boasts a good number of housing units for you to pick from: single housing units to double or triple housing units are available for sale.

The price of a house for sale can vary for various reasons including locality, architecture, utilities, etc.

  • 80 sq. yd house can easily be found in the range of PKR 30 lakh to PKR 60 lakh.
  • Finding a 120 sq. yd house for sale in Hyderabad requires a budget between PKR 48 lakh and PKR 2 crore.
  • On the other hand, buying a 150 sq. yd house in Hyderabad ranges from PKR 1.2 crore to PKR 2.75 crore.

Educational Institutions in Hyderabad

The city has highly reputable public and private institutions offering high-quality educational programmes.

Public School Hyderabad is one of the oldest schools of Sindh and is also present in Hyderabad. Other than that, the city has Sindh Grammar School, Sindh Academy High School, Isra Foundation Schools, St. Bonaventure’s High School, ABACUS International School, Allied School Hyderabad Campus, and The Smart School.

Each of these schools is providing good teaching staff and valuable academic resources.

When it comes to graduate schools, the city has a fantastic chain of best colleges, including Isra University, Hyderabad Institute of Arts Science and Technology, Virtual University Campus Hyderabad, University of East, Government College University, SZABIST Hyderabad Campus, etc.

Hospitals in the City

Healthcare is the most important thing people look for in a residential area in Hyderabad, and almost every part of the world. Buying a house in a new city can raise different challenges for buyers.

However, Hyderabad has many hospitals that include The Aga Khan Maternal & Child Care Centre, Liaquat University Hospital, St Elizabeth Hospital, MaaJee Hospital, Jeejal Maa Hospital, Red Crescent General Hospital / Hilal-e-Ahmer, NICVD Hyderabad, etc.

The largest psychiatric hospital in the entire country is also located in the city, known as Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry.

Recreational Facilities in Hyderabad

Historically the city has a high-value and significance, despite all that it still has plenty of visiting places and facilities. Starting from some famous and old historical buildings to famous zoos and such. 

These places include the Tomb of the Taplurs, Pakka Qila also known as Pacco Qilo, Rani Bagh - it has a jogging track, kids’ playground, and more.

The city holds the rich depths of Sindhi cultural history, all of which is treasured in the Sindh Museum, the place is full of ancient relics and history of the Province.

Some of the artefacts of the Indus Valley Civilisation are also showcased.

Security in the City

Hyderabad is a safe place to live and invest considering the number of police stations in the city.

The infrastructure of the city is completely secure. There are departments that take care of the law and order situation.

Shopping Malls in Hyderabad

Unlike most other urban cities, Hyderabad has preserved its cultural heritage and diversity. The city has the most magnificently crafted and colourfully decorated bangles produced all over the country.

For anyone who visits or plans to buy a house on sale in Hyderabad, purchasing bangles are a must.

Furthermore, there are more shopping plazas in the city like Metro Shopping Mall, Boulevard Mall Hyderabad, The Lucky Mall, Shelter Shopping Mall, Dubai Shopping Centre, Mehran Shopping Centre, Mahesar Shopping Mall, Sunview Shopping Mall, Al-Raheem Shopping Centre, etc.

Besides luxury shopping, some of these malls have kitchen utensils, crockery, clothes, bangles, and other decorative items.

Food Restaurants in Hyderabad

The city boasts a perfect blend of traditional and continental food items. In addition, Hyderabad is famous for its ‘Palla Fish’.

Moreover, it is home to popular bakeries of the world such as the Bombay Bakery - an 100 years old bakery. It has a variety of appetising delights with a zest of mouth dripping flavour and soft delicious cream.

On the other hand, a huge number of international restaurant franchises are working in the city, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, etc.

Some of the local cafes and restaurants of the city are Royal Taj Restaurant, The Rooftop Restaurant, PIATTO Restaurant, Hyderabad Darbar Hotel, Dera Restaurant, Griller’s Valley, etc.

Why Invest in Hyderabad?

There are multiple reasons why the city is a great place to invest. One reason is that the place has top-notch educational resources and healthcare facilities.

The city is also a gateway between the rural and urban areas of Sindh, making it an important residential and commercial district.

Last but not least, it has affordable housing schemes and better options for effective investments of property. Also with the tide of rapid infrastructural changes, the city has urbanised to a great extent, making it a profitable land in the real estate market. 

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